Saving America – Now Available on Amazon

Entrepreneurs not only know the answer to cure America’s economic malaise, they are the answer. Coach Blackwell helps you swim upstream in good economic times and bad. Your future prosperity is not determined by the economy as much as your knowledge about why entrepreneurs succeed

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Saving America

Dr Blackwell Introduces His Newest Book – Saving America

In this video, Dr Roger D Blackwell introduces his Newest book – Saving America – How Garage Entrepreneurs Grow Small Firms into Large Fortunes. Saving America describes how small and medium-sized firms grow large, creating jobs for the economy while building fortunes for families and investors.

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Saving America - How Garage Entrepreneurs Grow Small Firms into Large Fortunes

Roger’s Recommended Reads

“When you know what is in a person’s library, you know what is in their head—and some people have an empty library,” is a quotation people hear Roger say. That comment is often followed by requests for recommendations about books they should read. This section

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Blackwell’s Speeches

Roger Blackwell gave his first paid speech at age 22, to State Farm Insurance agents while still a graduate student in Columbia, Missouri.  Since then, he has given several thousand speeches, but never two the same.  He works with basic themes and outlines, molding each

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Blackwell’s Books

Dr. Blackwell is a well-known author who has served as a consultant to a wide variety of retailing and other organizations, focusing on strategies for improving customer delight and increasing profits. He served on the Board of Directors at Abercrombie & Fitch, Max & Erma’s

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Dr. Roger Blackwell

Dr. Roger Blackwell is Principal of Blackwell Business Advisors in Columbus, Ohio, helping small firms grow into large ones. After retiring from an award-winning career as Professor of Marketing at The Ohio State University, he currently serves as consultant to business and professional organizations developing strategies for increased

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