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Roger’s Newest Book – Saving America

This book describes how small and medium-sized firms grow large, creating jobs for the economy while building fortunes for families and investors. It analyzes key reasons for the success of stellar entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Sam Walton and Les Wexner, female entrepreneurs such as Sarah Blakely and Cheryl Krueger, and small firms just beginning pathways to fortunes. The book defines three key concepts that fuel entrepreneurial growth and profits, and shows why entrepreneurs are more important to reducing poverty and
creating middle-class prosperity and employment than large public corporations, government programs or the Federal Reserve.


How do you build brands that rock—creating high profits, increased market share and customers who are such “fans” their friends to the concert for your brand? You will find answers here, with plenty of practical applications learned from legendary Rock and Roll super-stars, including the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and Elton John. Why are the strategies of Walmart like those of KISS? How is the success of branding superstar Victoria’s Secret built on attributes like both Madonna and Neil Diamond? You will learn that here, including a valuable table showing how to convert customers into fans. If you like rock and roll, “get down” with Brands that Rock!

This book is an encyclopedia of knowledge why customers buy and how to get them to buy from you. Found in businesses and universities in multiple languages throughout the world, tens of thousands of students and business analysts have used this book to master principles how to research and understand consumer behavior and behavioral economics. Using words and diagrams, the Consumer Decision Process (CDP) model analyzes problem (need) recognition, search (including traditional and digital media), evaluation of alternatives, choice or purchase processes, post-purchase evaluation and divestment. A comprehensive approach to understanding what causes customer behavior—knowledge as important for industrial marketers and non-profit organizations (B-2-B) as organizations primarily selling to consumers. All customer behavior starts with consumer behavior.

This best-selling, ground-breaking book describes how to convert supply chains into demand chains—starting with the minds of consumers. The innovative process introduced in this book has been used by major retail chains—in both print and audio versions– to educate managers how to re-construct and re-invent supplier partnerships, resulting in increased market share, greater productivity and higher profits. The book includes chapters explaining how to shift marketing functions to their most efficient level, how to focus on the most profitable market segments and how to optimize the critically-important logistics function. Includes introduction by Les Wexner, Chairman and Founder of Limited Brands.

What really works with e-commerce and what does not? This is a seminal analysis of how bricks-and-mortar businesses use digital methods to increase profits and enlarge market share. Using metrics from catalog and web-based marketing, this book defines problems such as “the last mile of logistics” and how to overcome them. “One of the few authors to get it right,” was the comment of one reviewer comparing this book to others in the e-commerce honeymoon forecasting that e-commerce would dominate all businesses. This book includes a succinct, but clear description of why consumer behavior is the ultimate determinant of success of digital marketing methods and the dangers of chasing the trend, but ignoring the substance of customer-dominated marketing.

“Roger Blackwell has always been a no-nonsense professor and businessman who tells it like it is and this is his format for a no-nonsense look at how the world really works.” —Dave Thomas, founder, Wendy’s International. Those words echo true today as much as when they were written. This book is a travelogue for business leaders and economists—and more fun to read! The book explains why Dutch principles have created prosperity for three hundred years—even at firms such as Walmart. The chapter on Singapore explains why it is one of the most successful economies in the world, with per capital GDP $10,000 higher than the United States. The book Why Nations Fail (see “recommended books”) includes recent data about Botswana, described in From the Edge of the World as the fastest growing economy in the world for nearly fifty years. You will learn why some people prosper and others do not, with principles you can apply to your own career or organization.

What is wrong with the U.S. health care system and why does it cost so much? That is the subject of this analysis of health care costs in the United States, comparing them with systems in Switzerland and Singapore, as well as India and Canada. You will learn not only why costs are so high in the U.S., but what can be done to reduce them. It is not Obamacare that cures health care costs—it is consumers, this book concludes. This multi-disciplinary approach by seasoned researchers in hospitals and medical marketing gives step-by-step improvements showing how employers, health care providers and government policies can reduce costs, including an analysis of how Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are essential tools for savings by consumers and employers.

Many of Roger’s textbooks, marketing casebooks and earlier editions of Consumer Behavior are available from Amazon and other online sellers of used and new books.